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  • Rocket Sports Trucks Diff CoversRocket Sports Trucks Diff CoversRocket Sports Trucks Diff Covers

    Rocket Sports Trucks Diff Covers

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    Price: $485.00

    Rocket Sports Trucks Differential Covers provide your vehicle with increased lubrication and cooling capacity. These Differential Covers will set your vehicle apart both functionally and aesthetically

    Cast in A356 aluminum heat treated to T5 - aircraft quality standards!

    They allow increased oil capacity and enable oil changes to be made without removing the cover.


    - Low pressure casting
    - Heavy Duty covers
    - Longer life of your vehicle
    - Larger oil capacity
    - Increased lubrication
    - Runs cooler
    - Oil changes without removing the cover

    Magnetic drain plugs are provided to catch worn gear materials, which enables fluid to keep its integrity, hardware is also provided so installation can be done worry free.


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