Diesel Is Now in the Driver’s Seat

It’s no surprise that diesel-powered vehicles are growing in popularity. After all, they’re far more efficient than gasoline engines and much more fun to drive. They’re also cleaner than their predecessors, thanks to ultra-low sulfur diesel fuel and new technologies that include particulate filters, SCR and common-rail fuel injection.
What may be surprising to some, however, is that diesels are becoming more popular than hybrids in the United States. Just ask Volkswagen. In late December, the company announced that it sold over 100,000 TDI® Clean Diesel vehicles from the VW and Audi brands in 2013. This was a significant milestone and, despite a reduction in overall U.S. sales, VW’s diesel sales continued to grow last year. They grew so much, in fact, that the company sold more diesels than any other car company sold hybrids—except for Toyota. In addition, VW sold more diesel cars than the U.S. sales of over a dozen plug-in electric vehicles.

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